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I asked for next day delivery & didn't get it! I ordered it after 5 pm on Thursday so there should be something to prevent me from paying in the first place but I was charged & didn't get what I paid for.Also the delivery website was terrible to work with. I had great difficulty trying to find my where my parcel was. And I thought you were supposed to let me know beforehand when it was being delivered!! Insead the driver got me out of bed [ response - I feel this is an unfair review Mr Todd, particularly as we have discussed this with you already. As you state above you placed the order after we closed at 5pm on Thursday so we despatched it on Friday on the next working day service. We have showed you the 5 different places we advised you of this during the ordering process but you have refused to acknowledge any error on your part. We did advise you when the courier was arriving but you must not have read the email and / or text. I'm not entirely sure how else you expected us to notify you?]
Ron Todd

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