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Replacement Battery for Dell Inspiron 1545

Very good web site,Order process simple and completed in less thn 10 minutes and FREE delivery within 2 days. No problems with compatability like some Dell products, fitted and worked straight away. One happy custmer
Elgin Smith

HP MU06 Battery

This HP MU06 Battery has an output rating of 10.8v/5200mAh/56Wh. It has 6 cells, Lithium ion chemistry and a 1 Year warranty.
Volts: 10.8Voltage Information
mAh: 5200mAh Information
Wh: 56Wh Information
Cells: 6Cells Information
Cell Type: Lithium ionCell Type Information
Warranty: 1 Year
RRP: £49.99

Price: £35.99 Ex VAT: £29.99 inc FREE Delivery!