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What is a Hi-Capacity battery

Hi-capacity batteries are also referred to as 'long life batteries', 'extended life batteries' or 'extended capacity batteries'. The batteries will last longer after every charge than the standard batteries as they contain more cells which hold more power so you don't have to charge the battery as often to get lots of use out of it.

Hi-capacity batteries are often larger in size than their standard counterparts, this is due to the extra cells contained inside the battery to give it a longer life. Your laptop has a set size for which the battery can fit inside and because of this limitation, the only way to get more power is to increase the size of the battery. If your laptop takes a hi-capacity battery which increases the depth of your laptop you shouldn't worry, although it may stick out of the machine when inserted (typically by 0.5 to 1 inch), it will still work with your laptop as intended.

Many people prefer to keep the original shape of their laptop and don't like to change the appearance of it by using a larger battery. There are also many people who see this as a small inconvenience as the extra power they can get out of an extended life battery and the extra work they can achieve by this far outweighs the impact of the battery size.

The decision whether to purchase a standard battery or a hi-capacity battery is completely up to you. Are you someone who uses your laptop at home most of the time with constant access to the mains supply using your ac adapter? The standard battery will suit your needs fine.

Are you someone who is constantly on the move, working away from the office or simply don't want to have to sit near the mains supply whilst using your machine? The hi-capacity option is for you and you will soon notice the benefits with your new battery.

For more information about our hi-capacity batteries or help on if it is the right option for you, call our sales team on 0800 231 5000 for help and advice.