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New power cable for laptop

I was really pleased with the service I received from you, my new power cable arrived within 48 hours of order, there were no mishaps or problems and it works perfectly. What more can you ask for? Thank you, Helen (Preston, Lancs)
Helen Jolly

Dell XCMRD Battery

This Dell XCMRD Battery has an output rating of 14.8v/2600mAh/38Wh. It has 4 cells, Lithium ion chemistry and a 1 Year warranty.
Volts: 14.8Voltage Information
mAh: 2600mAh Information
Wh: 38Wh Information
Cells: 4Cells Information
Cell Type: Lithium ionCell Type Information
Warranty: 1 Year
RRP: £55.99

Price: £35.99 Ex VAT: £29.99 inc FREE Delivery!