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When I was looking online for a new laptop battery this wasn't the cheapest site - but after quickly researching some of the alternative sites I realised that most of them were Chinese companies and a real risk. So I figured for the sake of an extra tenner, it was worth going with UK-based Laptops and Spares, and I was right. I placed the order before lunchtime on the Thursday and the battery arrived the next morning, correct item, full working order plus a leaflet on battery use and maintenance. I am so impressed. Don't even bother looking on ebay or anywhere to see if you can beat the price. You get what you pay for, and this company is worth every penny.

Compaq 484170-001 Battery

This Compaq 484170-001 Battery has an output rating of 10.8v/4400mAh/48Wh. It has 6 cells, Lithium ion chemistry and a 1 Year warranty.
  • Compaq 484170-001 Battery
Volts: 10.8Voltage Information
mAh: 4400mAh Information
Wh: 48Wh Information
Cells: 6Cells Information
Cell Type: Lithium ionCell Type Information
Warranty: 1 Year
RRP: £49.99

Price: £38.40 Ex VAT: £32.00 inc FREE Delivery!