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Great Job

I needed to purchase a Lap top battery and found it Lap Top Spares, well priced and the website was easy to use. I ordered it before 5pm and the promise was that I would get the new batter the next day. I received an email confirm the order and later that the battey was processed. Later on the same day i received a text message saying that my new battery would arrive between 11.05 and 12.05, to my joy the battery arrived at 11.35. Great Job, i will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you.
Tony Gatt

Apple A1321 Battery

This Apple A1321 Battery has an output rating of 11.1v/5600mAh/63Wh. It has Lithium polymer chemistry and a 1 Year warranty.
  • Apple A1321 Battery
  • Apple A1321 Battery
Volts: 11.1Voltage Information
mAh: 5600mAh Information
Wh: 63Wh Information
Cell Type: Lithium polymerCell Type Information
Warranty: 1 Year
RRP: £84.99

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