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My new battery

Excellent equipment! Putting my replacement Portege hi-capacity battery thru its charge cycles, showing me a 9 hour charge, just what I needed. Excellent service! Ordered over the weekend, at my home during Tuesday with text info all the way here. What a wonderful purchasing experience. Thank you, Roger Buckle.
Roger Buckle

Acer AS10D31 Battery

This Acer AS10D31 Battery has an output rating of 11.1v/5200mAh/58Wh. It has 6 cells, Lithium ion chemistry and a 1 Year warranty.
Volts: 11.1Voltage Information
mAh: 5200mAh Information
Wh: 58Wh Information
Cells: 6Cells Information
Cell Type: Lithium ionCell Type Information
Warranty: 1 Year
RRP: £59.99

Price: £39.60 Ex VAT: £33.00 inc FREE Delivery!